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Travel Restoration

IV Therapy

$ 249

Formula: Vitamin C, B-Complex, B12, Glutathione,Magnesium, Zinc

Many people don’t realize the stress put on your body during air travel. The higher the altitude, the closer your body is to unfiltered ionized radiation. This can strain your body and increase inflammation. The extended sedentary periods result in the pooling of blood causing blood clots and altered lymphatic drainage. There is also the issue of being in close quarters with multiple people for a long period of time, harboring unknown bacteria and illnesses. The solution is not to avoid air travel, but to inhibit the risk factors.


Our formula neutralizes the free radical storm caused by air travel. By delivering these important micronutrients, we are promoting healthy blood flow and immune support. By adding these infusions to your travel plans you are providing yourself with short-term immune support and long-term resilience. These infusions are recommended within a week before and after travel.





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