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IV Drip Therapy

Mood Elevation

$ 149

In-home fee + $100
After hours fee + $200

What is in the Mood Elevation IV drip?

  • The amino acid taurine supports brain function and promotes a normal stress response.  It increases glycine and GABA to calm the brain and ease anxiety.  Taurine lowers cortisol and helps people sleep better and is often called “the amino acid of anxiety control and stress management.”

Mental health is a large part of how we function in our day-to-day lives. Both internal and external factors can negatively impact our health. Although we try, sometimes those external influences are unavoidable. Stress is an internally generated reaction to external triggers. If the body isn’t properly nourished with the essential micronutrients, then it can escalate the stress response to unimaginable levels. Gastrointestinal function is impeded, while the body is attempting to manage stress. This causes gastric inflammation, which inhibits the absorption of ingested nutrients.

Daily, chronic stress can negatively impact physical and mental health.  New research reveals that Americans are experiencing more stress today than people their age did in the 1990s.  Changes in technology, family dynamics, relationships, and economic hardship contribute to this problem.  Already weary from 2.5 years of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are constantly bombarded with political and social stressors as well as the rising costs of everyday items.

Come in for an Emotional Support infusion and you will leave feeling cool, calm, collected, and ready to face the day ahead.


Our formula provides the foundation for a healthy central nervous system, allowing for a positive emotional response.


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