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Pain Relief Boost

$ 20

In-home fee + $100
After hours fee + $200

What is in the Pain Relief Boost injection?

  • Ketorolac can help the pain associated with the following:

  • Arthritis and gout: Ketorolac can diminish the pain related to arthritis attacks. It’s especially helpful in cases of gout, an advanced type of arthritis known for intense and sudden flare-ups. Because ketorolac is designed for short-term use, it’s not recommended for chronic, ongoing arthritis pain. 

  • Headaches and migraines: Ketorolac offers powerful pain relief compared to over-the-counter medications. This makes it ideal for severe headaches or the pounding pain experienced during a migraine attack, especially if other medications haven’t worked for you.

  • Post-surgical pain management: If you’re wary of taking an opioid medication while you’re recuperating from a surgical procedure, ketorolac is a comparatively safer choice. Pain relief is important after surgery—when you’re not in pain, it’s easier to start moving around again, which can speed up your recovery time.

  • Injury or overuse caused by physical activity: A ketorolac shot near the injury site can help ease inflammation that causes pain. Some people use ketorolac for back pain, certain kinds of bone fractures, and other injuries.  Ketorolac addresses the inflammation behind the pain. The immune system is the body’s defender, jumping into action with a surge of protective white blood cells at the first sign of an attack on the body. This is why you may experience swelling, warmth, or pain around a surgical incision site, injury or infection. This type of inflammation is usually temporary until the problem is resolved. However, other types of inflammation can be more persistent, such as with autoimmune diseases like arthritis, where the immune system acts as if it’s constantly under attack.

It feels like you can’t escape when pain has you in its vice-like grip. It can immobilize you, like a muscle sprain from a pickup basketball game. It can debilitate you, keeping you from your normal routine, like the pain you feel during a migraine attack. The pain is bigger than what an over-the-counter pill can handle, but you’re wary of using a powerful opioid or narcotic drug that can be habit-forming. That’s when ketorolac can bring you welcome pain and symptom relief.

Ketorolac is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). Other types of NSAIDs include ibuprofen, naproxen, and high-dose aspirin. Ketorolac is most effective for moderate to severe pain levels. It can decrease the intensity of pain as well as reduce any related symptoms, such as a fever or swelling in the affected area.

You’ll feel the effects of a ketorolac shot within minutes after the injection, especially compared to a pill or tablet. This makes it an effective pain reliever. It usually takes about six hours for ketorolac to wear off. You can experience the following benefits of ketorolac when you get it in a shot or IV:

  • Rapid pain relief

  • No risk of addiction; Toradol is not an opioid or narcotic so it’s not habit-forming

  • Affordability

  • Ability to stop migraine attacks

  • Strong enough for moderate to severe pain levels

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